Extending your home What you should consider first

Things To Consider When Extending Your Home

An extension can often prevent the chance that you might have to move out of your home for a growing family or to have renters in your property.

Adding new living space has become a popular solution in home renovating to help make a home more versatile. The only problem with extensions is that they can often come with complications from the law. Here are some of the top things that you should consider before extending your home:

You may not be able to live on site:

Any extension can often be a lot of extra work for your home and this can include plenty of dust, dirt, mess and more throughout your home. You may want to consider looking for temporary accommodation especially depending on the area where you are planning on renovating.

It needs to integrate well with your current design:

One of the biggest problems with many extensions is that they do not integrate well with the current home design. Without working with the proper designer and architect, you can often end up with an extension that looks completely out of place compared to the rest of your home. When an extension is not well integrated into your home this can often lead to problems with the structure of the home or even other problems like water pooling.

You need site insurance:

Working with a contractor that has site insurance is essential when you’re getting an extension. As building an extension can be somewhat dangerous work and because crews will be on-site for an extended period of time, you need to be properly insured. Some types of home insurance will not cover damage to the building if there are problems during construction.

Consider your heating and cooling system:

With the added space inside your home it’s going to improve the overall demand on your hot water system, your heat and cooling system. Depending on the size of your heating and cooling system you may need to upgrade the boiler or ac simply because it could be constantly taking on and off and running extremely inefficiently with the new space.

Consider lot and sewer locations:

Based off of where various lines are across your property and the items that might be buried in the ground, there is a chance that your lot and sewer locations may actually inhibit you from getting a construction project done. Considering sewer and lot locations can be a big step to improving your site.

Understanding permits:

Working with an experienced company can be one of the only ways that you can make sure you’ll have access to proper permits. Construction of a certain size in the UK needs to be properly backed up with permission from your local township, a demonstration that you have proper insurance and more. Certain areas may deny your approval for extensions based off of your lot, zoning and more.

Keep some of these top ideas in mind when you are looking at extending your home. These are just a few important items to address and something that LA services or another experienced contractor will help handle before your project starts.

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